The Offshore Wind Energy Center at Gdansk Tech (CMEW) is university-wide, interdisciplinary research and technology deployment center focused on advancing the knowledge and technology related to offshore wind energy. It serves as a hub for academic institutions, industry partners, and governmental agencies to work together on research, innovation, and education initiatives in the offshore wind sector.

Key features of the Offshore Wind Energy Center encompas:

1. Research: CMEW facilitates interdisciplinary research projects to address key challenges in on and offshore wind energy, such as Digitalisation, Operation & Maintenance and Floating wind. Researchers from various disciplines, including engineering, informatics, material science, economics, and policy, collaborate to develop cutting-edge solutions.

2. Technology Development: The Center fosters the development of new technologies and methodologies to improve the efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness of offshore wind energy systems. This involve numerical modelling, simulation, testing and validation of new turbine blade designs, advanced materials, autonomous monitoring systems, and predictive maintenance techniques.

3. Education and Training: CMEW supports educational programs and training opportunities to educate the next generation of professionals in the offshore wind industry. This includes undergraduate and graduate courses, workshops, seminars, and internships aimed at building a skilled workforce capable of addressing the complex challenges of offshore wind energy development.

4. Industry Collaboration: The Center collaborates closely with industry partners, including wind energy developers, equipment manufacturers, service providers, and regulatory agencies. By engaging with industry stakeholders, CMEW ensures that its research activities are aligned with industry needs and priorities, facilitating technology transfer and commercialization of research outcomes.

5. Policy and Advocacy: CMEW actively engage in policy development and advocacy efforts to support the growth of the offshore wind industry. This involves leading or participating to the bodies defining research agenda for Poland and Europe. Reports are providing recommendations to policymakers, and advocating for supportive regulatory frameworks and incentives.

Overall, the Gdansk Tech Offshore Wind Energy Center plays a vital role in advancing the state-of-the-art in offshore wind technology, promoting collaboration and knowledge exchange among academia, industry, and government stakeholders, and driving the transition towards a more sustainable and renewable energy future.