The conference "Baltic WINDUSTRY 2023 | Gdańsk University of Technology

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Date added: 2023-07-19

The conference "Baltic WINDUSTRY 2023

The conference "Baltic WINDUSTRY 2023
The conference "Baltic WINDUSTRY 2023 - "Industrial research in offshore wind energy" organised by the Centre for Offshore Wind Energy of the Gdansk University of Technology in cooperation with the Polish Wind Energy Association will be held on 12.09.2023 in the auditorium of the Main Building of the Gdansk University of Technology. The aim of this year's edition is to present and disseminate currently developing trends and new technologies in the offshore industry and to strengthen cooperation between the business and scientific communities.  

The main goal of the conference is to strengthen research and development cooperation with representatives of Polish and foreign industry as well as organisations and institutions active in the offshore wind energy sector. 

We look forward to the participation of those involved in the broader Offshore Wind industry in order to fully exploit the cross-sectoral, international and interdisciplinary potential during the event and to jointly create innovative solutions that will contribute to the development of renewable energy methods in the future.